Dr. Edna L. Saffy Library Scholarship

Established in 2016, this scholarship provides funding for students majoring in history, philosophy or political science; or minoring in gender studies.

The purpose of the Dr. Edna L. Saffy Library Scholarship, value $1,000, is to provide support for a student with an academic interest in women’s history.  Preference will be given to students with an interest in (ascending order of priority) American Women’s History, Florida Women’s History, Jacksonville Women’s History, and/or Dr. Edna Saffy’s contribution to Women’s History. Dr. Edna L. Saffy was a professor, human rights activist and founder of NOW chapters in Jacksonville and Gainesville. She was active in city, county, state and national political causes.  As Gloria Steinem said of her, “Edna always makes it happen.”

Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe why you decided to come to UNF, your achievements and the toughest obstacle you have experienced.
  2. How do your accomplishments as a UNF student, student employee at the Library or your involvement in community services support the mission of the University of North Florida?
  3. Describe the following: why you chose your major, how your interest in women's history fits into your major and the specific aspect of women's history that interest you and why.
  4. What are your future goals as a student and after graduation?